St Michael’s Church

St Michael’s Church, Ilsington Parish Magazine Archive
St Michael’s Church dates from the 15th century.  As part of this local history project, Parish Magazines are being digitised to form a part of our social archive.

Detail of floor tile, St Michael’s church vestry
The discovery of some fragments of medieval floor tiles in the chancel draws a link with the Courtenay family of St Blaise Church, Haccombe, in South Devon. Ilsington Manor has been held first by the Beaumont family and then subsequently the Courtenay and Carew families. The Courtenays chose not to

reside in Ilsington, preferring to let the manor to the Dinham family in perpetuity for 2d per year. Hugh Courtenay was patron to Bishop Grandisson, and contributed to the building funds for Exeter Cathedral. The Dinham family were granted permission to have an oratory or small chapel at St Michaels in a charter granted in 1387.

At St Michael’s Ilsington and St Blaise, Haccombe floor tiles bearing the Courtenay coat of arms can be found.